Yamanashi Prefecture in the County's most venerable old Buddhist temple in Nara period(0/719)And are reported to and was founded by gyoki. Sainenji Temple and Mt. Fuji faith and relationships are deep, Edo period, 富士講 people purified themselves in sainenji Temple West Temple, then Fuji worship the grain had been conducted.

Root cutting

Rapper concrete construction (1)

5/7 (Tuesday) Golden from today officially commenced construction;
Rapper concrete Foundation becomes the Foundation of the first, say the began digging for stuff.
In the industry "root harvesting (negiri)" and it seems to be. I think would be digging a hole to cut the roots of the trees, like the character writing.
Should be felt during the demolition, but continue to work well when working with the equipment.
And piling the dirt dug up anything on aboard also Yumbo.
Is the color of the soil was so well, you want to use in the garden, but director says "also back" that was "rather enough".